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We're growing

Since our last newsletter, we've been busy building the business. Our American sales team who came on board earlier this year have been developing some key accounts with two of the world's "Big Three" automobile manufacturers. We are pleased to report that General Motors is one of our newest customers. We hope to bring you more on that in our next issue.

Staff Update

To ensure we continue to deliver the same first class service, we have recruited two more data scientists and two computer scientists to look after our growing customer portfolio.


Health Update

We now have two Innovate UK funded projects to improve health through the better use of data. The service in Wales has been developed to include insights relating to obesity and diabetes, linking data from GPs with hospital data and similarly with emergency care and admissions.


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Launch of our new crime division

We have won our third funding package from Small Business Research Institute to help South Wales and Gwent police gain a better understanding of the data that they hold so they can allocate resources more efficiently. We hope to bring you more news in our next issue.


New Website

Our website has been revamped to reflect the further extent of our work in automotive sector as well as the new business units dedicated to Health and Crime.


Other news..Skills Gap in Big Data Sector

Data Scientists have had some interesting press lately with some articles focusing on the disconnection between their assumptions when handling immense, seemingly comprehensive data sources and proper statistical rigour. Other articles espouse their rarity referring to them as unicorns. Either way, there's no denying that statistical analysis of relevant data is a tricky thing that is fast becoming an essential cornerstone for any progressive business.

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Other news..Skills Gap in Big Data Sector

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