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Newsletter #4
Digital 2014
Last month's Digital 2014 in Newport saw a large gathering of movers and shakers from the big data world.

James our CEO shared some of his insights with the 800 guests "The Big Data agenda has given large organisations permission to innovate, companies and organisations are realising they must make the best use of the data they have on their customers and products in order to survive. With the technical skills required to do this becoming more scarce as demand for them increases, companies are turning to analytics specialists, such as ourselves, to assist them to make use of the data they collect which we provide as an ongoing service."

"Having the knowledge and expertise to understand big data is imperative for companies and organisations as they all strive to do more with less".

We Predict
Auto suppliers in the US have have reduced their warranty costs

It was recently reported that over the past decade, passenger car manufacturers and their suppliers have managed to reduce warranty costs, in contrast to heavy truck and large vehicle manufacturers which have not. [source Warranty Week]. The companies taking the biggest hit are the drive train component manufacturers, which pay a significant slice of the industry’s total warranty expenses.

Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing - 17th-18th June - Chicago

James Davies our CEO and Patrick Tudor, our data scientist joined other experts, practitioners and authors at the first Manufacturing spin off of the Predictive Analytics World conference series. The focus of this event was on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics and looked at the underlying principles of predictive analytics and how and why it works.

Analytic Implications of Warranty Spikes in Claims Data

A relaxed and welcoming conference was hosted by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications at Oxford University. There was a good mix of academic and industrial experts Speakers were invited to share latest research and ideas. Patrick gave a presentation entitled 'Analytic Implications of Warranty Spikes in Claims Data'.

How Indico, our system finds hidden issues faster...

Many of you enjoyed reading about the insights we shared in our last newsletter all about how to use data to its fullest, our Technical Lead Stephen Norris has another handy article about the importance of knowing what to expect at the end of each vehicle’s warranty period...

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