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Newsletter #2
Biggest Indico Update Yet
We are delighted to tell you that we have just released the latest version of Indico - our unrivalled analytics system - called Indico V.

With dozens of new features, massive performance improvements and a stunning new look, Indico 5 is our biggest update yet. We’ve collaborated with customers to deliver new features such as flexible reporting and equip them with the tools needed to easily manipulate huge amounts of data.

We've added component-level Weibull projections to show how they compare to our own non-parametric methods. We believe while it has some useful applications in failure projection, Weibull analysis is not robust enough to model things like human behaviour, claim spikes or past performance. By comparing Indico's projections with Weibull, analysts can make more informed decisions...

We Predict
OEM and supplier survey

Our customers are automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. One of the biggest issues in this sector is the disparate way in which data flows between the two.

Nearly everyone we’ve spoken to has had to scrabble around at one time or another to extract data to make it look pretty so it can be presented to their customers or board. Our analytics system means you can retrieve the data you want at the touch of a button.

Over the past three years we have met numerous suppliers who are keen to use our warranty analytics system so they can improve their understanding of current and future warranty performance, but sometimes progress is hampered due to inherent difficulty in getting correct data from OEMs...

Working with Enprecis

We have recently partnered with Enprecis, automotive industry technology specialists that measure customer satisfaction. Working alongside the team in California, we are developing clever ways to measure the impact that warranty claims have on brand satisfaction.

By combining customer satisfaction surveys and warranty data with our deep understanding of component failure we’re creating powerful models allowing OEMs to see in detail what drives customer loyalty, determine how specific failures affect satisfaction (and how to make things better) and have the tools to boost brand perception and therefore future brand loyalty.

New office in Michigan

On 1May we opened an office in Oakland County [aka “automotive alley”] in Michigan. The office is headed up by Myron Laba who spent 18 years with Mazda. Myron’s experience is helping us get even more established in the US. Although we are headquartered in the UK, we started our business in 2009 with two US-based OEMs.

In spite of recent news of Detroit’s bankruptcy, “the bailout of the automotive industry some years ago was a success with car firms back in business” [Dominic Rushe, Guardian 20/07/13]. So we’re seizing the opportunity and are letting key automotive suppliers know we’re in their neck of the woods setting up meetings and doing some interesting pilot studies on their warranty systems.

Our plan is to open a West coast office in the near future.

Staff update

We have two bright young sparks on board this summer to swell the ranks of our staff (we only employ the best talent at We Predict!). Our resident interns are Eunice and Mike. Eunice Maina is studying Mechanical Engineering and is taking a fine tooth comb to our analytics so she can perform a thorough comparison with Weibull mathematics to compare the reliability...

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